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Tips and Guidelines

Our most frequent problems with clogged plumbing are from soft clogs (too much toilet paper at one time) and feminine products flushed down the toilet. Low flow toilets, septic systems, and sewer pumps are not equipped to flush a lot at one time. Tenants are responsible for bills related to repairing drain blockages or stoppages, unless caused by defective plumbing parts or roots invading the sewer line.

Garbage Disposals
If you have a garbage disposal problem check the red reset button on the garbage disposal. Rotating the inside unit in the reverse direction with a broom handle while it is off will often clear a jammed disposal

•    Use a strong flow of water when using the disposal
•    Let the water run for 90 seconds after grinding to flush waste away 
•    Make sure no silverware, bones, glass, or plastic falls into disposal
•    Don't pack waste into the disposal 
•    Don't turn off motor until grinding is complete 
•    Don't use harsh drain cleaners in the disposal
•    Do not put stringy or fibrous materials (onion skins, artichokes, asparagus, shrimp skins, etc.) in the unit

Gas or Electric
For gas or electric issues, call service companies first. Many times a pilot light is out or the electric service has been interrupted in your area. Many appliance or heater problems will be checked free by these agencies and if possible they will correct them or tell us what the problem is. 

Running Water
Misuse of water is the tenants' responsibility. This includes hoses left running and drippings faucets not reported. Do not ignore running toilets. A running toilet can add hundreds of dollars to a water bill if left unreported. Tenants are responsible for any increase in water usage due to tenant neglect or misuse. 

Make sure it is loaded properly. No objects obstructing the arm at the top or bottom of the dishwasher. You should not hear banging while your dishwasher is running. Do not load items over a spray arm or stem. Only use automatic dishwashing cleanser, any other type can cause major problems and the dishwasher will overflow. Running your dishwasher once a week is necessary to keep the motor from freezing up.

Hot Water Heaters
Do not store anything in the closet with the hot water heater. If this appliance is in the garage, nothing may be stored around it. There have been explosions and fires caused by ordinary household products (cleansers, paint, gasoline, etc.) being stored next to water heaters.

Fire Hazards

  • Unplug curling irons
  • Unplug hair dryers
  • Do not store flammable or hazardous products
  • Do not use electric heaters near draperies or flammable material
  • Check smoke alarms bi-annually
  • Do not use grills within 4 feet of the structure
  • Do not use kerosene heaters
  • Do not store ashes in trash cans

Do NOT change or remove any existing locks
Do NOT add any additional locks